Dinner menu

Soups, Salads & Starters

Caribbean Fish Chowder
A local favourite served with Black rum and pepper sauce
$6US or $38TT
Louisiana Style Pumpkin Soup
With sour cream aioli
$6US or $38TT
Caprese Salad
Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella cheese drizzled with basil vinaigrette
$9US or $57TT
Caesar Salad
Local Lettuce served with house made Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and chopped bacon
Add Chicken or Shrimp for $5US or $32TT
$8US or $50TT
Ancho - Chili Dusted Calamari
Served with a Chipotle Aioli
$10US or $63TT
Spicy Seafood Crepes
Served with a savoury cheese sauce and fresh tortilla chips
$11US or $70TT
Shrimp Gumbo
Pan seared with carrots, cabbage, green onions and ginger dressing in a fillo cup over fresh greens
$12US or $76TT
Chicken or Beef Satay
Marinated and skewered with a side of tasty peanut dipping sauce
$10US or $63TT


Chef’s Catch
A fresh fish dish created daily, your server has all the details
$24US or $151TT
Seafood Pasta
A mix of Local Seafood over angel hair pasta with creamy pesto or marinara sauce served with garlic bread
$24US or $151TT
Cuban Inspired Tenderloin
10 oz. Tenderloin seasoned and grilled to perfection, with a spicy Cuban bean salad, grilled onions, rice and local vegetables
$32US or $202TT
Creamy Curried Shrimp
Sautéed and topped with a traditional curry sauce served with rice and fried Plaintains
$22US or $139TT
Chicken Picatta Riviera
Parmesan Cheese breaded and pan seared with tomatoes, green and black olives over pasta with garlic bread
$22US or $139TT
Spicy Cajun Pork Chop
Marinated and rubbed with Cajun flavours with a baked potato and a variety of local vegetables
$24US or $151TT
Grilled New York Sirloin
10 oz. Aged New York Sirloin, with a Marsala thyme reduction Cassava au gratin and mixed local vegetables
$30US or $189TT
Deluxe Havana Burger
With Bleu Cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and bacon on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato. Served with patatas bravas
Add avocado, pineapple or a fried egg for $2US
$15US or $95TT

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