Enjoy authentic Mojitos with refreshing mint and lime, the house cocktail Gloria 3551; blend of Vodka, apple juice, mint and twist of lime, or one of the other inspired drinks from the extensive cocktail menu as an aperitif followed by a Tropical Caesar Salad, Fried Pequilo Peppers or Caribbean Fish Chowder with Black Rum and Pepper Sauce.


Gloria 3551 (house cocktail)
Skyy vodka shaken with ice, Fresh mint, Lemon juice and topped up with Apple Juice

Appleton V/X  muddled with Fresh mint, Brown sugar, Limes and topped up with Club Soda

Orange Mojito
Appleton V/X , Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Mint and topped up with Campari

Mango & Vanilla Mojito
Appleton V/X  and Vanilla Liquor muddled with fresh mint, lime juice, Mango Puree and sugar syrup

Green Destiny
Fresh cucumber muddled with Gin, Coconut Rum and Pineapple juice

Thrilla in Vanilla
Vanilla Liqueur, Fresh ginger and cucumber muddled with dash of sugar and shaken with Skyy Vanilla Vodka

555 Soul
Skyy Vodka muddled with fresh lemon grass, raspberries and top up with cranberry juice
Additional 10% Service Charge & 15% VAT will be added to your bill

Short Drinks

Appleton V/X, fresh lime, brown sugar muddled and served over crash ice. Topped up with Club Soda

Sour Mash
Johnny Walker Red, Lemon juice, dash of Angostura bitters shaken with crashed ice and topped up with Lemonade

Old Fashioned
Bourbon stirred with Angostura Bitters & splash of Soda Water. Garnished with a lemon (peel), a maraschino berry (whole) and an orange (slice)

Skyy Vodka muddled with Limes and brown sugar.   Topped up with Club soda over crushed ice

Sugar Plum
Tequila and Lemon Juice shaken with ice and finished with Cherry Brand

Prices range from $7.00US to $9.00US

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